Thursday, September 29, 2011

DC-Internet Baseball Writers Association Announce 2011 Player Achievement Awards

The Washington, DC chapter of the Internet Baseball Writers Association is an organization comprised of internet writers, on-line media outlets, and bloggers.
In accordance with its stated goal of promoting the members of the association and increasing awareness and respect as active members of the media that cover the Washington Nationals Major League Baseball club, the DC-IBWA is pleased to announce its member-voted winners of the 2011 Player Achievement Awards.

Each individual award is named after a member of the district’s storied baseball heritage, to promote awareness of the significance of the history of Washington, DC baseball. Biographies of the honored historical players can be found at this link.

Voters were asked to name first, second and third place for each category. First place votes received five points, second place votes received three points and third place votes received one point.

In addition, the voters were also asked to respond to six survey questions about the Nationals and the on-line media community.

Twenty-five ballots from association members were submitted from the following online media outlets: Nationals News Network, Nationals Daily News, Federal Baseball,, NNN: Off the Field, Centerfield Gate, FJB, Nationals Inquisition, Bang! Zoom!, Nats Nation, Let Teddy Win!, Nationals Review, Nats Triple Play, William World News, The Nats Blog, First Ladies of Baseball, For Love of the Nationals, Nationals Prospects, Capitol Baseball, Nationals Arms Race, Nats GM, Nats Noodles, Sharkadina, DC is for Baseball.

You can find more information about the DC-IBWA, or our membership, by visiting our website at or contacting us at

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Goose Goslin Most Valuable Player
(Player most valuable to the success of the Washington Nationals):

1st: Michael Morse (108 points, 19 first place votes)
2nd: Ryan Zimmerman (41 points, 2 first place votes)
3rd: Danny Espinosa (32 points, 3 first place votes)

Others receiving votes: Tyler Clippard (24-one first place vote), Jordan Zimmermann (11), Drew Storen (4), Stephen Strasburg (3), Wilson Ramos (3).

Walter Johnson Starting Pitcher of the Year
(Excellent performance as a starting pitcher):

1st: Jordan Zimmermann (125 points, 25 first place votes)
2nd: John Lannan (51 points)
3rd: Livan Hernandez (18 points)

Others receiving votes: Stephen Strasburg (13), Ross Detwiler (9), Jason Marquis (5), Chien-Ming Wang (2).

Frederick "Firpo" Marberry Relief Pitcher of the Year
(Excellent performance as a relief pitcher):

1st: Tyler Clippard (121 points, 23 first place votes)
2nd: Drew Storen (79 points, 2 first place votes)
3rd: Todd Coffey (11 points)

Others receiving votes: Henry Rodriguez (6), Ryan Mattheus (3.5), Tom Gorzelanny (1.5), Sean Burnett (1), Collin Balester (1).

Sam Rice Hitter of the Year
(Excellence in all-around hitting, situational hitting and baserunning):

1st: Michael Morse (103 points, 18 first place votes)
2nd: Ryan Zimmerman (64 points, 6 first place votes)
3rd: Danny Espinosa (23 points)

Others receiving votes: Wilson Ramos (14), Ian Desmond (9), Laynce Nix (6-one first place vote), Jayson Werth (5), Jerry Hairston (1), Roger Bernadina (1), Rick Ankiel (1).

Frank Howard Slugger of the Year
(Excellence in power hitting):

1st: Michael Morse (120 points, 24 first place votes)
2nd:  Danny Espinosa (56 points)
3rd: Ryan Zimmerman (19 points)

Others receiving votes: Laynce Nix (9), Wilson Ramos (5), Jayson Werth (4).

Joe Judge Defensive Player of the Year
(Excellence in fielding):

1st: Danny Espinosa (74 points, 11 first place votes)
2nd: Rick Ankiel (62 points, 8 first place vote)
3rd: Ryan Zimmerman (47 points, 4 first place votes)

Others receiving votes: Wilson Ramos (15-one first place votes), Roger Bernadina (6-one first place vote), Adam LaRoche (6), Michael Morse (5), Jayson Werth (4), Ivan Rodriguez (4), Ian Desmond (2).

Mickey Vernon Comeback Player of the Year
(Player who overcame biggest obstacle in the preceding season to contribute on the field):

1st: Jordan Zimmermann (57 points, 8 first place votes)
2nd: Chien-Ming Wang (55 points, 6 first place votes)
3rd: Stephen Strasburg (52 points, 7 first place votes)

Others receiving votes: Jesus Flores (15-one first place vote), Jason Marquis (5), Rick Ankiel (5-one first place vote), Laynce Nix (3), Roger Bernadina (3), Michael Morse (3), John Lannan (3), Ross Detwiler (1), Ian Desmond (1).

Josh Gibson Humanitarian Player of the Year
(Player who meritoriously gave of himself to the community):

1st: Ian Desmond (65 points, 10 first place votes)
2nd: Ryan Zimmerman (50 points, 8 first place votes)
3rd: John Lannan (20 points)

Others receiving votes: Drew Storen (14-one first place vote), Ivan Rodriguez (12, one first place vote),  Livan Hernandez (9-one first place vote), Danny Espinosa (4), Stephen Strasburg (3), Matt Stairs (2), Brian Bixler (1), Tyler Clippard (1).

Minor League Player of the Year
(Minor league player most destined for big league success):

1st: Bryce Harper (74 points, 13 first place votes)
2nd: Brad Peacock (73 points, 7 first place vote)
3rd: Steve Lombardozzi (26 points, 2 first place votes)

Others receiving votes: Tom Milone (17, one first place vote), Chris Marrero (7), Roger Bernadina (5), David Freitas (3), Derek Norris (3), Tyler Moore (1), Sammy Solis (1), A.J. Cole (1).



1. What player was the biggest surprise for the Nats this season? Michael Morse (10.5), Wilson Ramos (4), Ryan Mattheus (2), Rick Ankiel (2), Brad Peacock (1), Danny Espinosa (1), Chien-Ming Wang (1), Laynce Nix (.5).

2. What player was the biggest diappointment for the Nats this season? Jayson Werth (15), Adam LaRoche (4.5), Jim Riggleman (1), Sean Burnett (1), Ryan Zimmerman's injury (.5).

3. Will Ryan Zimmerman sign a contract extension before the end of the 2012 season? Yes (16), No (6).

4. Which players on the 40-man roster at the end of the season are least likely to return in 2010? Alex Cora (13), Ivan Rodriguez (13), Jonny Gomes (12), Doug Slaten (12), Laynce Nix (10), Livan Hernandez (9), Todd Coffey (6), Tom Gorzelanny (5), Collin Balester (5), Yunesky Maya (4), Chien-Ming Wang (3), Brian Bixler (3), Elvin Ramirez (3), Rick Ankiel (2), Chris Marrero (2), Roger Bernadina (2), Atahualpa Severino (2), Craig Stammen (1), Henry Rodriguez (1), Adam LaRoche (1), Corey Brown (1), Ross Detwiler (1), Jesus Flores (1), John Lannan (1), Steve Lombardozzi (1)..

5. Who is your favorite professional Nationals writer? Mark Zuckerman (12), Adam Kilgore (6), Dan Steinberg (1), Dave Kindred (1).

6. Who is your favorite non-professional Nationals writer? Harper Gordek, Nationals Baseball (5), Dave Nichols, Nats News Network (4 1/3), Patrick Reddington, Federal Baseball (3), Andrew Kinback, Nationals Inquisition (2), Sue Dinem, Nationals Prospects (2), Nats Daily News Staff (1), Capitol Baseball (1), Nats GM (1/3), Brian Oliver, Nats Farm Authority (1/3).



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