Friday, March 11, 2011

DC-IBWA Announces 2011 Pre-Season Survey Results

Washington, DC -- Members of the Washington, DC chapter of the Internet Baseball Writers Association were asked to reply to a survey of 12 questions regarding the Washington Nationals upcoming season.  Nineteen members of the association replied to the survey, which asked for predictions on several position battles, statistical leaders, and win projections for the 2011 Nats.

See the results after the break...

1. Who will lead the Nats in home runs?  Ryan Zimmerman (15), Jayson Werth (4).

2. Who will lead the Nats in RBIs? Zimmerman (10), Werth (4) Adam LaRoche (4), Danny Espinosa (1).

3.  Who will led the Nats in stolen bases? Nyjer Morgan (12), Espinosa (3), Ian Desmond (2), Roger Bernadina (1), Werth (1).

4.  Who will lead the Nats in wins?  Jordan Zimmermann (9), John Lannan (5), Livan Hernandez (2), Tom Gorzelanny (1), Tyler Clippard (1), Jason Marquis (1).

5.  Who will lead the Nats in saves?  Drew Storen (17), Sean Burnett (1), Todd Coffey (1).

6.  Who will lead the Nats in starts?  Hernandez (12), Lannan (5.5), Marquis (1.5).

7.  Which pitcher (Chien-Ming Wang, Yunesky Maya or Ross Detwiler) will make more starts for the Nats?  Maya (8), Detwiler (8), Wang (3).

8.  Which utility player (Rick Ankiel, Jerry Hairston or Alberto Gonzalez) will get more at bats for the Nats?  Ankiel (9), Hairston (8), Gonzalez (2).

9.  Which catcher will get them most at bats for the Nats?  Wilson Ramos (10), Ivan Rodriguez (7), Jesus Flores (2).

10.  How many all-stars will the Nats have and whom? One (14), Two (5).  Ryan Zimmerman (15), Jayson Werth (4), Danny Espinosa (1), Tyler Clippard (1), Jordan Zimmermann (1).

11. Number of wins and place in division?  Fourth (8), Fifth (6), Third (5).  82, 78, 77, 76 (3), 75 (4), 74, 73, 72 (3), 70, 68, 65, 58.

12. Most important development for 2011? Develop young players (6), Recovery of Stephen Strasburg (4), the start of 2012 season (2), Development of Jordan Zimmermann (2), Development of young starting pitching (1), Development of team cohesion (1), Development of Desmond/Espinosa (1).

The DC-IBWA is comprised of independent journalists, websites and blogs that cover the Wahsington Nationals.  For more information about the DC-IBWA, please contact Dave Nichols at natsnewsnetwork at gmail dot com.

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